ActiveDen - Flexible Flash Template

ActiveDen - Flexible Flash Template

ActiveDen - Flexible Flash Template | 119 MB

Full external control
- All of the content and settings are controlled from external XML files.
- It supports any number of pages.
- The content on each page is dynamic, the user being able to control through the page XML data file which components are displayed as well as their layout. There are several components that can be used to create the content on the pages: the image gallery component, the video gallery component, the text component, the form component, the tab panel component, the image component, the flash components and the div component.
- By default, the template comes with 8 prebuilt pages to showcase the different possibilities that the user has to create content on the pages but the number of possible options is limitless.
- The way that the template looks is fully controlled from external XML files.
- The text is completely formatted through an external CSS file.
Supports deep linking and browser interaction
- It supports deep linking meaning that each page has it’s own customizable link in the address bar. This means that it is possible to directly link to a specific page of the template.
- It supports interaction with the browser back and forward buttons.
Supports full CSS text formatting
- All of the text is formatted through external CSS .
- It supports different and multiple external fonts that are loaded at runtime. Once loaded, these fonts can be used with the CSS formatting to format the text.
Everything built through code – fast, efficient, customizable
- Everything is built through code which means that the site is very fast, efficient and has a small file size.
- It is very fast and compact. There is only one initial small loading time at the start in which the data files are loaded and afterwards there is no additional loading of content, everything is built at runtime, everything runs smooth and fast.
Offers error reporting
- If offers full error reporting. If a file is not available or improperly formatted, the site displays an appropriate error message together with specifying the file on which the error occurred.
Allows the use of different languages
- All of the texts are externally controlled, including panel labels, default messages and error messages which means that the template can be used with any language.
Other features
- It offers a music player that can be enabled or disabled.
- It supports customizable context menu (right click menu).


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