TVP Animation (32bit) 10.0 Standard

TVP Animation (32bit) 10.0 Standard

TVP Animation Standard Edition предназначена для любителей 2D анимации и цифровой живописи.

TVPaint Animation Standard Edition is a basic version designed for enthusiasts of 2D animation and digital painting.

The Standard Edition contains the same powerful drawing tools, indispensable animation utilities (the peg-hole registration, for example), a storyboard tool and basic special effects (scan cleaner, keyframer for moving objects, blurs, colours adjusting...).

TVPaint Animation Standard Edition allows you to import a single soundtrack, as well as limitless images and videos to modify.

About TVPaint Developpement

TVPaint Developpement today's structure exists since 1997. Its objective is to provide CG artists with original tools.

Since this date Hervé Adam reunited a pluridisciplinary staff in order to get the means to enhance the development of his innovating solutions and to guarantee their distribution.

Our team has been enriched with an active community of professional users, symbiosis that allows the realization of a workspace dedicated to creation and always carrying innovations.

Thanks to this action, the first unified paperless 2D animation production system was born and allows studios to make projects from scratch, from sketches to post-production.

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Name: TVP Animation
Version: (32bit) 10.0 Standard
Home: www.tvpaint.com
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
Size: 472.9 mb

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миллион раз это тут выставлялось но без ключей и кряка \нахрена она нужна блокирует -то есть скачали ноль

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