Rumble - Responsive Multi-purpose HTML5/CSS3 theme - ThemeForest

Rumble - Responsive Multi-purpose HTML5/CSS3 theme - ThemeForest

Rumble - Responsive Multi-purpose HTML5/CSS3 theme - ThemeForest | 14,3 MB

Rumble html5/css3 template is a well thought-out, responsive, multipurpose HTML template. The elements that dominate the template are the images and the content of the website. There are no heavy images and predefined content, it is all left to you to use it the way you think it should be used. There are no limitations to the purpose of this html5/css3 template. It can easily be modified to suit your needs. It can be a health based website, small business template, shop based theme, portfolio/artist/photographer website. The style that we have used in the preview of the template is dark gray/red. The colors can easily be changed to the ones of your choice. The loading of the images and the content is optimized and we can say that this theme is SEO ready, all you need to do is fill it up with your own content and you are good to go. There are 2 variations of all major elements on the website, you can choose either the light version or the dark one, depending on the look that you want to achieve. You can furthermore, play around with the color settings and set it up exactly as you want it. In this html5/css3 template we have included an entire shop design along with some shop items, sidebar functionality of a decent shop and designed elements to help you emphasize a specific item in the shop. Each of the element in the HTML template has a carefully thought out responsive version so that you can get the most of this HTML template in all resolutions on all devices, mobile or desktop. In the design of this theme we have tried to cover all the basic necessities of a modern webmaster and we tried to take on all of the challenges of a website-user experience.


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