Hikashop Business 2.1.1

Hikashop Business 2.1.1

Hikashop Business 2.1.1 | 6,62 MB

HikaShop Business includes all the features from HikaShop Starter and HikaShop Essential.
Access levels on products, variants, categories, prices, discounts and coupons
Tracking of affiliates clicks/leads/sales
Currency rates auto update
Affiliation program
Default currency selection using geolocation
White listing or black listing of zones using geolocation
Geolocation information for users and orders
Dashboard with map widget and CSV data download
Custom fields for orders, items and entries as well as custom file type
Images watermarking
Import of files as products using template products
Easy copy of products
Email customization
Out of stock notifications
Effects on products listing - carousel with transition effects
Google Analytics integration for e-commerce statistics
Customizable filters for products listings
Comparison system for products


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