pageAnimate Web-Page Slider - CodeCanyon

pageAnimate Web-Page Slider - CodeCanyon

CodeCanyon - pageAnimate Web-Page Slider | 3,11 MB

This jQuery plugin is a full page slider for navigating between web pages. For example, you could have your home page on one slide, contact page on another, and so on. It is responsive and works in all major browsers, including Internet Explorer 6 ( :o ) and mobile browsers.
As the name suggests, you can put anything inside a slide (other jQuery content, videos, and what-not), and each slide will scroll to view overflow just like any normal page. There is nothing I know of that will break the slider, and you can add an infinite amount of slides. This is exactly what you need to spice up your website!
Although this is designed for full window content, you can just as easily use this as a traditional jQuery content slider. In fact, the pageAnimate is probably better than other sliders since it works beautifully in Internet Explorer 6!


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