ThemeForest - Radio Countdown - RIP

ThemeForest - Radio Countdown - RIP

ThemeForest - Radio Countdown - RIP | 3,33 MB

Modular Code
For better management, javascript scripts, as well as the CSS code are to be found in external files. Each function is strictly delimited and comes with useful additional comments.
Content Adaptation
WoodCountdown adapts to every device! No matter you are using a desktop, a mobile or a tablet, WoodCountdown will meet your device requirements. You can test this by reducing you browser window and refreshing the page.
Cross-browser Compatibility
WoodCountdown has been tested and it works in all the major browsers: IE9, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari. For IE8 a simplified version will be displayed.
HTML Canvas
This technology has been used for the clock animation. Even if the browser does not support Canvas technology, the image will still be available but in a static version.
CSS3 advantages have been fully integrated: multiple background, rounded corners, new selectors. LESS technology has been used mostly because it readily allows a clean, easily manageable and well-structured CSS.
Please keep in mind that the HTML file needs to be tested on o local machine or online server.


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