Milla V3

Milla V3

Milla photorealistic character set for V3 Delicate, dynamic, real�Milla for V3 is a flexible photorealistic character set that will adapt to all your needs. Specially adjusted texture maps have been created to overcome any limitations, producing more sculpted, real results and a new dimensionality in rendering. There are 2 sets of head maps included in this pack, one with the eyebrows applied directly to the head map and one with true transparency maps. Integrated options for combining make up, lashes and lips transform her from blonde and redhead to brunette in a few, easy clicks! Included in this pack are: - Body Injection and Remove poses - Separate Body and Head Injection and Remove files - 1 Body Texture 3000 x 4000 - 5 Head Maps 4000 x 2720 - 5 Head Maps, no brow option 4000 x 2720 - 5 eye Maps with Cornea Reflections 500 x 500 - Eyebrow, Eyelash and Pubic Transparency Map - 8 interchangeable Lip Maps - Teeth and Gum Map - All corresponding MAT files All promo images rendered in Poser 4. No product postwork. Hair painted in Photoshop.



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