Fallinwater is a masterpiece of American Architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Now the 3D model of this greatbuilding is ready for you to explore. Image1 is retouched with photoshop where trees and waters are added as background. It is just a example showing what you can do with this model. image2 is the pz3 file rendered in poser. it has no postwork at all. image3 is the screencapture of this model in its Max viewport. files is for poser5 and max6, but the OBJ file can be used in any 3D app that support this popular format. copy all the map files in the the "maps" folder to "poser files" folder if you want to use the PZ3 file. Open it instead of import the pz3 file first to get familiar with the lighting and camera settings that come with the pz3 file. If you import it into your scene, you need to adjust(darken) your lightings accordingly, otherwise it might get too bright. Do not hesitate to contact me if there is any problem. Best wishes.



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