The Haunted Tree

The Haunted Tree

The ImageNation Haunted Tree Prop may be the most intricately detailed and uniquely characteristic tree model of its kind Massive and atmospheric, the Haunted Tree was modelled from the roots up using fractal geometry to mimic real tree growth patterns, resulting in startling believability. Enormous custom color and bump maps work with painstaking UV mapping to allow for very close-up renderings from the roots to the highest branch. Two versions of the tree-- the full version, and a third-poly low version, come as completely formatted Poser 4 and 5 library objects. The Haunted Tree works great with ImageNation's Graveyard Prop set to create a complete scene of hauntingly beautiful atmosphere.

note: for packing purposes, the geometries folder of the Haunted Tree only contains the full version of the tree and not the low version.



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