Checker Cab

Checker Cab

On June 18, 1923, the first Checker Cab rolls off the line at the Checker Cab Manufacturing Company in Kalamazoo, Michigan,
the last Checker Cab rolled off the line in Kalamazoo on July 12, 1982. These Cabs were and still are in major cities in the US
and are considered an “Icon and Standard” in the taxi history. Now you can own one of your own.
This package content is a highly detailed interior an exterior 1970’s Checker Cab for Poser, and Vue.
This package has two figures, a highly detailed Checker Cab (58,157 Polys) and a Checker Lite figure that is only 42,310 Polys.
The Checker Lite can be used to populate many vehicles into your scene as needed.
But for close-ups or opening doors or windows and interior shots use the full Checker figure.
- Fully posable figure (.cr2), materials, for Poser 6 up, and VOB, Materials for Vue 6 Up.
ERC dials on the BODY, in Poser.
-Car Parts Dials
- ERC Dial- Drive
- ERC Dial- Steering (affects both the front wheels and steering wheel).
- ERC Dial-SpinAllWheels
- ERC Dial- LDoor
- ERC Dial- LDoorWindow
- ERC Dial- LDoorVent
- ERC Dial- LBackDoor
- ERC Dial- LBackWindow
- ERC Dial- RDoor
- ERC Dial- RDoorWindow
- ERC Dial- RBackDoor
- ERC Dial- RBackWindow
- ERC Dial- LSunvisor
- ERC Dial- RSunvisor
- ERC Dial- FrontSeat
- 56 Materials, 23 MATPose for Poser and 46 Materials for Vue.
- All textures jpg and png for materials.
- All objects are included to be used in any 3D program that imports wavefront object type files.
See ReadMe for more details.



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