IN Battle Troll

IN Battle Troll

He ain't pretty, he ain't polite, and he ain't very forgiving, but heis one big steaming pile of monstrous mayhem: The ImageNation Battle Troll comes ready to rumble with 7 clothing and armor morphing objects, 2 face poses (roar and leer), 8 viciously customized poses, and two enormously detailed full body texture mat poses.

NOTE: This brand new figure is one big chunka polygonal modelling, so depending on your computer you may need to give it a little more rendering time. Check out the readme file for more info.

So if you think your scene needs some head-smackin', earth-shakin', attitude-adjustin' Troll-style mayhem, grab your copy of the IN Battle Troll, load 'im up, and get outta the way.



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