Woodlands: Forest Props & Bonus Tutorial

Woodlands: Forest Props & Bonus Tutorial

This groundbreaking set from ImageNation contains not only a complete prop set of beautiful and lifelike woodland objects, but also an 18 page fully illustrated compositing tutorial showing how best to use these and other Poser elements, written by an industry professional who has worked on internationally distributed CG comic books, illustrations, and computer animation.

The prop set includes several variations of birch, maple and redwood for all seasons, as well as field grass, three individual rocks, a fern, a mushroom/toadstool, and an enormous, unbelievably modelled and textured cliff/canyon object. All textures are included and custom made from original photography.

The tutorial includes the full original Photoshop document used to make the below image, as well as a bonus document with many versatile effects images ready to use in your compositions. The in-depth step-by-step guide takes users through such topics as: creating the illusion of distance, lighting passes and layer rendering, hand-painted lighting effects, creation of mist, smoke and fog, and much more.



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