Ra Graphics Hair, Cloth & Post work Techniques

Ra Graphics Hair, Cloth & Post work Techniques

This PDF document has ten chapters and goes into great detail on how to create hair and clothing using Adobe Photoshop. By using certain Tools within Adobe Photoshop you will be able to follow step by step on how to create all types of different post techniques.

All of the techniques are done with Adobes Tools and Filters, and will not require the use of a Pen Tablet. This tutorial will not make you figure it out on your own, it has in depth explanations on how to do each technique. If you have ever wanted to do post work for your characters but didn�t feel like you had the knowledge or skill, don�t worry anyone can do these techniques.
Or if your already confident in your post work but were just looking for different techniques to enhance your skill, it would be good for you to.

I am an artist just like everyone else looking to expand my skill, no matter how good I get I can never stop learning more, this holds true to the majority of artist here. Everyone trades secrets back and forth, hints or tips here and there, trying to achieve a level of greatness. For me I am never satisfied when I create just content, I am always trying to reach that level of greatness.



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