Weapon Jane

Weapon Jane

She is the ultimate sexy soldier. Weapon Jane was trained to fight for love, sensuality, justice and patriotism.
Weapon Jane is a weapon of mass seduction, strong and sexy she can seduce the enemies and conquer the hearts of her allies.
In this package you'll find:
- INJ Jane
- REM Jane
- MAT Jane
- MAT Jane Wounded
- 3 Eye colors
- 1 Body Natural
- 3 Body Tattoos
- 4 Eye Make-ups
- 2 Lip Make-ups
- 2 Lip Glossy Make-ups
- 1 Arms Natural
- 3 Arms Tattoos
PLUS, AS AN EXTRA, a set of conforming clothes to fit Jane's body:
- 1 Top
- 1 Shorts
Those clothes come with different MAT files:
- 5 shiny latex colors for the belt
- 4 camouflage colors for the top
- 4 camouflage colors for the shorts
High detailed textures included with bump maps and specular to give to this character an extremely accurate and realistic look.



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