Poser Luxury Pool

Poser Luxury Pool

The Poser Luxury Pool replicates an elegant outdoor swimming pool set on a raised platform deck set off the back of the included house facade. The set features many areas for scene creation including the pool itself, the deck with balustrade railings, a raised gazebo, a front porch enclosed within arched columns, a balcony and two stairways. The Poser Luxury Pool also comes with other scenic elements to create a total outdoor view including a lawn, sky backdrop and low poly poplar trees. An outdoor recliner and table with umbrella are included to complete the set along with a stone garden planter. The Poser Luxury Pool comes with everything you need to set up a beautiful poolside render including the following props: * !!Base - which includes the swimming pool, house back, gazebo, and deck. * !Fountain - a lionhead water inlet and tree planter that can be moved if needed. * !Lawn - a simple grass plane set under the !Base. * !Backdrop - a curved panoramic plane used to host a background sky image. * Poplar Tree - a fairly low resolution model of a poplar tree. * Stone Planter - a concrete garden amphora complete with plant. * Lounge Chair - an outdoor recliner. * Table - a table with included umbrella. Everything comes as Poser Ready props that can be loaded from the sidebar menu or for even easier use - just load the included PZ3 file which has all of the props loaded with a default lighting and camera scheme. The Poser Luxury Pool also comes with 14 camera presets and 2 lighting presets for easy scene creation. All of the prop are completely modular and can be used separately or with other sets for maximum use and enjoyment. The Poser Luxury Pool comes with high resolution textures that look great from a distance or at extreme close up renders.



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