Sailor's Quarters (Poser, VUE & OBJ)

Sailor's Quarters (Poser, VUE & OBJ)

When a sailor is not at the port having some fun, will they have some rest in their quarters?

"Sailor's quarters" represent an oldish merchant ship sailor (or captain) bedroom, as the decaying and slight rusting walls show.
Detailed props everywhere grouped into 7 figures for easy load.
The door, the window, the drawer, the crate top and the globe are moveable props (see notes below).
A good variety of diverse lighting and several optional textures are included

: Product Features :.
- A complete figure in seven parts, with the ability to make the walls, roof, etc, invisible for easier camera work.
- Props also included as separate objects with external geometry
- 9 Light sets included
- 5 Camera presets included

Highly detailed and realistic textures, materials included.

Props including:
- Chairs, books, crate, globe, lamp, shelf, pillow, etc.
- 38 props.
- 17 materials



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