Sheena: Goth Girl

Sheena: Goth Girl

Sheena is a beautiful pale skinned goth girl perfect for gothic and halloween style renders. She has lovely pale skin and several tattoo options. Her pale skin works beautifully under many lighting styles as can be seen in the different lights used in the various promotion images. She also has her own set of jewelry to add to her appearance. From classic beauty to wild punk girl Sheena is versatile for many situations. She has a custom sculpted head morph for more originality.

Sheena Includes:

1 Custom Head INJ/REM
1 Body MOR/REM
1 Long Nail INJ/REM
1 Default Head Texture at 3000x3000*
1 Default Torso Texture at 3000x3000*
1 Default Limbs Texture at 3000x3000*
2 Additional Tattooed Torso Textures at 3000x3000
1 Plain Torso Texture at 3000x3000
5 Makeups ( 4 + Default ) Plus one No Makeup Option
5 Lip Textures With MAT poses to Apply seperately from Makeups for many options**
5 Nail Colors
5 Eyelash Colors
4 Eye Textures at 1024x1024
1 Mouth Bump Texture
1 Torso Bump Texture
1 Head Bump Texture
1 Limb Bump Texture
1 Mouth Texture
1 Eyelash Transmap
1 Pair of Small Hoop Earrings Parented Left and Right
1 Nipple Bar Piercing Parented Left and Right
1 Nose Ring
1 Eyebrow Piercing
1 Chin Piercing
MAT Poses for all Options in Shader and Non Shader Versions



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