DM Elaya's Asylum

DM Elaya's Asylum

Elaya's asylum is a sacred place, filled with comfort and silence ... and if you listen closely, you can hear the stones whisper their secrets from ancient times ... the footsteps and soft laughter of the young maidens in training as priestesses ... the sweet breath of lovers entwined ... the clashing of swords yielded by soldiers and renegades alike ... the rituals chanted at the altar ... the prayers of a mother ... can you see it?

his package contains:

10 scenes, ready to be used in pz3-format
1 building (Asylum) in cr2-format (.obj & cr2)
21 individual props (.obj & pp2)
22 poses for Victoria 3
10 light settings
10 camera settings
High resolution textures

Bonus - Elaya character for Victoria 3

INJ/REM for Head and Body morphs
1 default Body texture (3000x4000)
4 Body textures for the second skin outfit (3000x4000)
6 Head textures - 1 default, 5Make ups (4000x2719)
4 Eye Colors (1000x1000)
MAT files with lots of options to mix and match



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