Scrumptious for V4/A4/PBIV

Scrumptious for V4/A4/PBIV

SCRUMPTIOUS! The name says it all: attractive, yummy, delicious, luscious, exquisite...
add sexy and sensual and you have the perfect description of this all new outfit for
Pretty BaseIV, Kaileena, V4 and A4.

Scrumptious was designed to give you high quality mesh models along with multiple dynamic
morphs allowing each individua part of the outfit to follow each sassy step V4 takes.

A cool breezy belted skirt, a slinky top that reveals a sensuous bra, alluring panties,
high legged stockings, pinup-gal shoes, in style earrings and necklace complete the
outfit along with hi-quality textures that V4 will love and use daily.

Your renders will definitely emit sensuality when V4 wears these new threads.

This outfit consists of high quality mesh models with dynamic morphs. These morphs
provide advanced movement morphs to conform realistically with the character's
movements. All meshes have their own hi- quality textures. All accessories that
enhance this sensual set are easy to use. This pack includes a complete outfit,
and smart props.

Models in this pack are modelled as high quality but low polygons as not to strain
your pc allowing you to use high realism without loosing any performance.

Scrumptious for V4/A4/PBIV
Pleasure for Scrumptious for V4/A4/PBIV
FLUORESCENT for Scrumptious by mytilus & nirvy



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