Lynda.com - Foundations of Typography - Основы типографской разметки текста [2013]

Lynda.com - Foundations of Typography - Основы типографской разметки текста [2013]

Автор (режиссер): Lynda.com
Название: Foundations of Typography - Основы типографской разметки текста
Год выпуска: 2013
Офсайт: Курс
Жанр: Дизайн
Язык: Английский
Качество видео: PCRec
Продолжительность: 02:23:00
Размер: 1,5 Gb

Welcome 1m 58s
Why good typography matters 1m 55s
The power of type 1m 53s
The theory of typographic relativity 1m 53s
Getting the most out of this course 1m 26s
1. Typographic Differentiation
Serif vs. sans serif 3m 27s
Display type vs. text type 3m 39s
Type history 2m 48s
Type classification 4m 8s
Other type categories 3m 24s
Guidelines for combining typefaces 3m 49s
Using cases 2m 34s
2. The Language of Type
Anatomy: Parts and shapes of type 4m 35s
Size and measurements of type 2m 18s
Type families: Widths, weights, and slopes 3m 53s
Reviewing the terminology of type, based on function 3m 27s
Working with color and tonal weight: Exercises 4m 15s
3. Spacing and Alignment
Kerning and kerning pairs 3m 33s
Tracking and leading 3m 49s
Exploring variations in type alignment 3m 55s
Hyphenation and justification 3m 13s
Indents, outdents, and hanging punctuation 2m 26s
Other typographic best practices 3m 31s
4. Touching on Type Design
Where type begins: The mark of the hand 2m 28s
Related parts and shapes: Family resemblances 4m 35s
Designing a typeface 3m 0s
5. Legibility and Readability
How legibility and readability differ 3m 48s
Examining factors affecting legibility 4m 46s
Hierarchy and functionality 4m 29s
Systematized hierarchy 3m 52s
Paragraphs, drop caps, and entry points 2m 41s
Typographic abominations 2m 43s
6. Typographic Composition
Opposing forces of typography 3m 8s
The grid: A structure for containing type 3m 6s
Contrast and scale 4m 54s
7. Thinking with Type
Typographic expressiveness 3m 22s
The emotional impact of type 2m 47s
Three-dimensional type 3m 32s
8. Specialized Uses
Working with numbers 2m 10s
Expert characters and analphabetic symbols 1m 56s
Using typography to navigate content 1m 51s
Using typography to navigate the environment 2m 58s
Final Thoughts
Managing fonts and building your type library 3m 14s
Developing your typographic eye 2m 31s
Breaking the rules 1m 41s
What's next 1m 48s


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