HyperREAL© for M3

HyperREAL© for M3

HyperREAL© for M3 - 58.31 MB
Introducing a fresh and brand new idea for Poser 5!
We introduced hyperREAL for V3 in January ( 2005 ) and now it's HyperREAL for M3!
HyperREAL-Fusing Photo-Real and Mathmatics, creating an evolution in texturing!
By Morris and Face_off!
Optimized for Poser 5
Additional MAT poses included for Poser 4 users.

The textures in this HyperREAL kit for M3 are extremely detailed, right down to his fingerprints!
The textures were built from scratch, utilizing sources from Morris' own personal collection of hi-res photos and from www.3d.sk.
No texture kits were used as a base, you are getting a brand new, beautiful, richly detailed texture.

The bumps maps were built and optimized for the HyeprREAL textures. Skin goosebumps, skin pores, fine lines in the lips, for example, and were built into the bump maps, to bring out truly gorgeous results! All the hair on the body and face was carefully manupilated to be white, there creating more realistic renders!

The gential texture was very carfully textured and seams blended so there is no need to have a genital transmap! Pretty cool, it's a little trick I learned while making the David universal texture maps for DAZ ;-)

These texturemaps have then been combined with brand new alpha maps which control the amount of SSS (subsurface scattering/blushing), specular, freckles and displacement throughout Victoria’s figure. These are controlled by a revolutionary python script, which provides the user with controls to customize skin tone, brightness, spottiness, highlights, body veins and the wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes. For convenience, the shader settings for all the figures in your scene are saved when you save that scene, so each time you run the script, it defaults to the previous shader state.



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