Poser Studio - Set Creation System

Poser Studio - Set Creation System

Poser Studio - Set Creation System - 6,34 Mb
The Poser Studio is a collection of three props that have been made into Poser
characters to form a system to make the creation of sets for your Poser scenes
quick and easy! Use the Construction Kits from other vendors to create truly
elaborate sets!

The main part of the system is the GroundPlane and the BackPlane which provide
the unique layered surfaces to allow you to use a variety of texture (image)
maps to create floor and wall surfaces. You can either apply the textures
manually or use MAT Pose files to texture your sets.

The system also includes a Panel figure that uses the same system of layers as
the GroundPlane and BackPlane. The Panel figure was included to serve as a
utility prop for quickly setting up a screen type background. It can also be
used for partitions or other architectural or thematic designs. Also, because
it features the same layered construction as the BackPlane and GroundPlane Props
it can host a variety of images and provide a very low resolution alternative to
such items as trees or other forms of organic models which make for notoriously
large models.

Also included are five beautifully constructed rooms to demonstrate the
versatility of the this system. All were created with simple texture maps applied
to the different layers on the surfaces.



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