Tekknika: Command Post

Tekknika: Command Post

Tekknika: Command Post is set of props designed for posing Poser characters and rendering from close-up. To achieve maximum quality, I used hi-res textures and hi-poly models (however, not too much polygons, just to make surfaces smooth and complex enough for rendering from small distances and to keep rendering fast enough) It's not entire scene, just diorama which can be used with other Poser scenes. Main prop is the base with back wall. In the center of base is placement for additional props: chair, bed or monitors with keyboard. You can rotate each of this props in placement. Monitors Carrier goes on Back Wall and can be moved up or down.. If You want to do some shootin' from behind, don't use Back Wall or make it invisible. I included 8 lights seta and 8 camera positions.



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