Haunted House Graveyard Props BUNDLE

Haunted House Graveyard Props BUNDLE


This is 'the' Haunted House. Based on all the most common and expected features of a haunted house, but unique and ready to be customized by you. For example you can paint the windows opacity map if you like and make the glass more or less broken - per window. Each window is mapped separately and on a template sheet so finding a specific window is easy.

There is also a simple interior to the house. The doors and windows are openings that go into the empty house.

This set includes the sky, moon, and tree backdrop and they are all separate props so they can be moved about.


This is a set of detailed cemetery/graveyard props from the sign and gates to the old tree and crypt. AND there are several ghosts that are highly detailed and with materials that make them look very ghost like :)

The tombstones come with a blank stone texture and template so you can put what ever you want on yours or leave them blank.



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