Rebel Adam

Rebel Adam

Rebel Adam | 25.6 MB
Rebel is a series of men that doesn't know any rules.
They are troublemakers to the bone! Viril, sexy, naughty and playful, our Rebel Boys are ready to spice up your Runtime!!!
Created to express maximum realism, with precise morphs and high detailed textures included with bump maps and specular to give to them an extremely accurate and realistic look.

Adam is a man who follows his own set of rules. His look is magnetic and no woman can tame him.

Included in this package you will find:

- INJ Adam
- REM Adam
- MAT Adam
- MAT Genitals
- MAT for Tattoed body
- 5 MAT for eye colors
- 3 MAT for arms (1 natural and 2 tattoed)



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