Walls Abound

Walls Abound

All props and environments show are included in this set. This is a Poser Construction set for building your own Poser Stages. This set is intended to work like a Hollywood Sound Stage. Using the parts included you can create these sets from scratch or load one of the predesigned sets and use it as is or edit it to match your tastes. Like all M&Y sets this set is based on a scale of 6 feet (poser figure scale) and can be combined with all other M&Y sets. You will find that all PZ3 files have a matching Character file. This is so you can add the entire room to an exsisting charter set up and for DAZ Studio users to be albe to load the same set with out converting it from PZ3. You will find a total of 32 characters in the figures library and 32 matching PZ3 files. These are only a small example of the number of room combinations that can be made with this set.



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