Grotto's Vampire for Michael 3

Grotto's Vampire for Michael 3

GROTTO'S VAMPIRE:: High Definition Character Morph and Texture Set for Michael 3 From Grotto3D

Months of work have gone into bringing to life my vision of a vampire character for the modern age.
The traditional humanesque, cape and tuxedo clad vampire figure has been replaced by a fresh, new interpretation of the theme.
Here is a creature that has evolved into the ultimate nocturnal hunter, possessing everything it needs to locate, track and prey upon its human victims.
Combining the best attributes of its human origin and its vampire DNA, this shadow dweller possesses razor-sharp fangs and talons. It's eyes are highly light sensitive, giving it a kind of natural "infra-red" vision.
The creature possesses a highly developed audio sense that allows it to literally hear its victim’s heart and circulatory system.
A keen sense of smell also allows it to track the scent of its victim’s blood.
Possessing bat-like wings, the creature can silently swoop down on its unsuspecting prey from the air.
When you combine these abilities with super-human strength and virtual immortality, this vampire is a formidable adversary for even the best Vampire Hunter!



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