The Predator (Poser Version)

The Predator (Poser Version)

The Predator (Poser Version) - 7.0 MB
REAR WHEELS – These are the rear tires and you can apply a XRotate to show them spinning
FRONT WHEELS LEFT, RIGHT – These are the front left and right tires and you can apply a XRotate
to show them spinning.
- There are no Inverse Kinematic chains setup so you will need to rotate both
the front wheels manually. You can do this by applying the same YRotate to
both the CALIPER RIGHT and the CALIPER LEFT objects.
DOOR LEFT,RIGHT – These are the left and right hand car doors. You can apply a ZRotate to
to show them being opened or closed.
- The door windows also have a morph dial so that they can be shown rolled
up or down.
STEERING WHEEL – This is the steering wheel and you can apply a ZRotate to indicate the front
wheels are turned. There is also an adjustment morph that will allow you to
slide the steering wheel forwards and backwards.
DRIVER & PASSENGER SEATS – There objects can be move forwards and back using morph dial. In
addition there is also a dial for raising and lowering the seats
REAR SPOILER – The rear spoiler can be hidden using the hierachy menu

- The following materials can be adjusted for the color setting to change the appearance of the
BODY : This is the material for the car body. There are also several MAT Pose files included
for changing the color of the car.
INTER01,02,03 : These are the main material for the car interior.
RIMS : This is the material for the wheels.
STWHEEL1,2,3 : These are the materials that make up the steering wheel.
LICENSE : This is the material for the license plate
HLIGHT : The material for the front headlight casing
ROLLBAR1,2 : These are materials for rollbar cage
- The other materials should not need to be adjusted for a normal looking car.
- For Poser 5 you might want darken the reflective color setting on materials with reflections otherwise the material tends to be overly bright.



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