Flowy Dynamic Dress

Flowy Dynamic Dress

Flowy Dynamic Dress - 48,49 Mb
Flowy Dynamic Dress is a sexy dynamic outfit for Victoria 4, created for natural and flowy draping. Perfect for your fantasy character!

It contains various different fits and sizes, so it works well with various body types, and different styles of fit. It also comes with a cropped top that can be worn as a sleeveless shirt. The following items/variants are included: Dress - Loose fit Dress - Loose fit, belted Dress - XtraLoose fit Dress - XtraLoose fit, belted Dress - Tight fit Dress - Tight fit, belted Dress - Tight fit 90% scale Dress - Tight fit, belted 90% scale Shirt - Loose fit Shirt - Xtraloose fit Shirt - Tight fit Shirt - Tight fit 90% scale The 90% scaled shirt is used with Vicky scaled down to 90% x and z in starting pose, to tighten up the fabric in the final pose The dress comes in a belted version, where the waist is constrained, keeping it tighter, resulting in a different drape. 46 materials are provided, with subfolders for two different transparency levels if you want more sheer fabrics.



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