Roaring Out of the Wasteland! - Round Raider

Roaring Out of the Wasteland! - Round Raider

Roaring Out of the Wasteland! - Round Raider | 19.24 MB
Vehicle Set What`s the post-apocalyptic genre without caravans of nomadic refugees or gangs of mobile raiders preying upon them? So you`re gonna need some messed up looking vehicles, right? Well, here they are. All vehicles feature rotating tires and steering wheel, as well as multiple morph targets and mapping regions to allow you to create several different looks from the same model. All models come with their own unique texture maps, but with a little tweaking you can create even more on your own templates are supplied as part of the set as well. So go ahead and scratch that itch. No, it ain`t Beta burns, it`s the desire to do renders of endless gangs of Road Warriors ROARING OUT OF THE WASTELAND! (....and if you like this set, check out my other stuff too) ROUND RAIDER Seats can be moved and front can be lengthened via morph targets. Wheels and steering wheel turn as they are seperate props.



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