MA Narika V4

MA Narika V4

MA Narika V4 - 30,30 Mb
Do you need a unique, fresh character for your renders? New at RDNA is Narika, a unique and highly detailed character for V4. She comes with a conforming black bodysuit with many morphs included.

Textures are sized 3500x3500
5 Makeup options
1 MAT Eyeliner
5 Eye color options
1 MAT Tattoo Arms ON/OFF
1 MAT Tattoo Legs ON/OFF
1 MAT Tattoo Torso ON/OFF

Morphs included in conforming Bodysuit:
AbsHeightL, AbsHeightR, Amazon, ArmSize, BellySmooth, BellyThickness, BellyThin, BodyBuilder, BreastsCleavage, BreastsCleavageWidth, BreastsDiameter, BreastsDroop, BreastsFlatten, BreastsHangForward, BreastsImplant, BreastsLarge BreastsNatural, BreastsPerk, BreastsSize, Bulk, Definition, Emaciated, Fitness, GluteCreaseL, GluteCreaseR, GluteFlexL, GluteFlexR, GluteRaiseL, GluteRaiseR, GlutesSize, Heavy, HipsCrest, HipsSize, HipsSpandex, Inhale, LatsSize, LoveHandleL, LoveHandleR, NavelSize, NeckThickness, Nipples, NipplesBig, NipplesDepth, NipplesHeight, PearFigure, Pregnant, ShouldersThickness, SternumHeight, SternumWidth, StomachDepth, ThighsThickness, ThighsTone, Thin, TorsoThickness, TrapsSize, TummyOut, Voluptuous, WaistWidth, Young, LineaAlba, TorsoBend



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