HIGHFASHION: Overload for V4

HIGHFASHION: Overload for V4

Overload for V4 - 132.72 Mb
With the fourth Release in the HIGHFASHION series, Overload brings you a full wardrobe of different clothing pieces for Victoria 4!
This package brings you a stylish capri jeans, a sweet top, a 6-buttoned coat, stylish platform knee-length boot, a pair of glamorous evening sandals and a big, modern handbag. Everything just to be ready for the warmer days!
Hi-Quality clothing meshes with many details bring realism to your scenes. Included are 3 hi-res, photorealistic denim texture for the capri pants, 7 delicious textures for the top, 4 styles for the boots, 5 styles for the sandals, 5 hi-res textures for the coat and 3 hi-res colors for the handbag!

All material settings are optimized for Poser 5 and higher and utilize some of Poser's shaders + take the advantage of specular-, bump- and displacementmaps for extra realism!

Included are different built-in morphs to fit the clothing to some of V4s Bodymorphs, adjustment morphs and effect morphs. Have a look at the MORPHS list below.

ALL clothing items also include fittings for Girl Next Door 4 by Blackhearted, Alice 2 and Pretty Base IV

HIGHFASHION: Overload for V4
HIGHFASHION: Overload for V4 XPansion



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