Kaileena for PBIV

Kaileena for PBIV

Kaileena for PBIV - 79.64 MB
Kaileena designed for you to convert your Pretty Base IV to a warrior woman.We applied a real woman's anatomy to Victoria's figure creating a real Warrior. Kaileena morphs need to Pretty Base IV morphs so it doesn't
work if you don't have Pretty Base IV morphs.

Kaileena is a custom character set for Pretty Base IV & Victoria 4. Textures were created paintstakingly, without seams even in the genital area.

We created 4 extra skin textures for getting a real warrior. They are "bloody, wounded with tattoo, tattoo, and wounded." You can use them according to your combat scenes. One of them is very bloody for a
hard combat or you can use the other texture set which has got only scratches and old wounds. We also made 3 face options for you to mix and match the textures. They are "bloody, othic and wounded."

There are 2 full body tattoo options in the package . One of them comes with the texture which has got old wounds and the other one comes with default textures. We also made a gothic make up option for your dark scenes.

Kaileena of course also has her own warrior outfit, top and bottom reach includes many dynamic morphs. Legband also complete the outfit. There are a pair of warrior earrings and a necklace suit with the earrings
and there are also fantastic swords (left, right and free).

Kaileena includes the followings.

- Custom Body & Head Morph (Works with PBIV Morphs)
- Nipple ON-OFF Poses
- 1 Default Skin Set
- 1 Bloody Skin Set
- 1 Wounded Skin Set
- 1 Wounded & tattoo Skin Set
- 1 Tattoo Skin Set
- 1 Gothic Make-up
- 5 Full skin material poses
- 4 Face material poses



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