Movie Sets, Miss Kristi's Schoolhouse

Movie Sets, Miss Kristi's Schoolhouse

Movie Sets, Miss Kristi's Schoolhouse - 28.81 MB
This product is another is a new line of high end Movie Set Models.
Once you start using it, the amount of extreme detail will become apparent.
There are many possible backdrop locations for a seemingly endless variety of scenes.
Many of the objects are able to be moved to other locations, orsaved as individual objects to be used in other scenes.

Here is the list of objects included.
The schoolhouse with a hide able roof if needed for camera work'
1 teachers desk
1 hand held bell
1 teachers chair
1 dunce stool
1 dunce cap
2 chalkboards on the walls attached to walls
2 erasers
5 pieces of chalk
18 Desks
15 hand held chalkboards, each with their own movable chalk
8 windows with working sashes limits set
1 wall mirror attached to wall
1 pot belly stove with working doors limits set
1 ash bucket with working shovel
4 split logs indoors
1 fire plate under stove
1 world globe on swivel stand limits set
1 working school house bell in the bell tower limits set
1 rope for the bell
1 bookcase
14 books some sets and some individual
2 working doors limits set
7 paintings attached to the walls
1 fireplace with log rack and logs attached to the building
11 oil lamps attached to roof
Exterior items
6 barrels
1 swing set with 2 working swings limits set
1 merry go round with separate base limits set
1 teeter totter with 2 movable totters limits set
1 flag with mapping to allow a different texture applied
1 horse trough with movable water level limits set
1 well with bucket and crank
1 stone entry patio with additional separate stones
2 park benches
3 large logs with individual textures
1 large log sawn into 5 chunks
1 pile of split logs
1 log splitting station with chopping stump,ax, wedge, and split log
1 fire pit with 5 rustic benches and burnt logs and ashes
1 log sawing station with tree saw and log buck
Trees, grass, wagon, Buffalo, sky,covered wagon and horse not included.



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