DAZ Studio Pro

DAZ Studio Pro

DAZ 3D рада объявить о следующей версии своего флагмана DAZ Studio Pro - версии

DAZ 3D is pleased to announce the next General Release version of DAZ Studio Pro - version

What is new in this version?

- The version resolves several issues and implements many improvements since the General Release.

DAZ Studio 4.6 includes the full-featured DAZ Studio 3D application and numerous add-ons such as the Content Creator Toolkit for creating your own 3D content, 3D Bridge for Adobe Photoshop, The Texture Atlas, the GoZ Bridge For DAZ Studio 4 to ZBrush, the Autodesk FBX Exporter, and more.

DAZ Studio highlights are:

- Updated the embedded CMS client to Valentina 5; fixes several crashes, particularly on Mac.
- Updated the 3Delight render engine to 10.0.125; see 3Delight Change Log for more details.
- Added support for TriAx to TriAx AutoFit.
- Added support for OpenSubdiv subdivision algorithms; Catmark, Bilinear, Loop; adds support for edge and/or vertex weights/creasing.
- Added support for Ptex.
- Added support for independent UV set selection on Geometry Shells.
- Added support for Gamma Correction.
- Added support for Surface Selection Sets.
- Added the ability to Spot Render to a New Window.
- Added support for Hierarchical Pose Presets.
- Made improvements to various CCT tools/actions.

DAZ Studio Pro

What is DAZ?

We're all about helping others create better art and animation faster through the power of 3D. This ranges from book illustrations or humorous videos to scrap-booking or web graphics; or virtually any creative project you would like to do. With the help of DAZ products, you are the creative director. You have total control over exactly how your illustrations and animations will be created.

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Name: DAZ Studio Pro
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven / 8
Size: 261.9 mb

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