The Bone Collector

The Bone Collector

The Bone Collector - 143,66 Mb
Swam, PropsChick and Sveva present 'The Bone Collector', a dark sinister bone collecting creature from an unmentionable realm. Fits include Morphs ++, Elite and A4, S4. A variety of adjustment and movement morphs included. Body parts for wings, skirt and hood included for movement, along with morphs.

Product includes:

Wings CR2 and OBJ
Hood CR2 and OBJ
Skirt CR2 and OBJ
Panty CR2 and OBJ
Top CR2 and OBJ
Left Armband CR2 and OBJ
Right Armband CR2 and OBJ
Staff Prop and OBJ

4 Mats Sets for the Outfit
DS Mats



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