Quixel dDo 5.1 & nDo2 1.1.7

Quixel dDo 5.1 & nDo2 1.1.7

Quixel, разработчик популярного плагина для Photoshop, выпускает обновленные версии своих флагманов.

Quixel, developer of powerful normal mapping tool nDO2 and high-level texturing tool dDo , has released new of version.

- Quixel dDo 5.1
Described as a ‘Photoshop artistic framework’, dDo is a kind of super-plugin designed to automate common texturing tasks, particularly for games work, making it easy to generate realistically distressed materials.
The software imports a range of standard map types and automatically assembles them; then enables the user to apply effects all over or to individual parts of the texture.

The resulting project file can be used to generate a set of variant textures for an asset.

Thousands of instant effects. Those effects include a number of different scratch and surface wear patterns; all-over ‘acid’ damage; and grunge effects ranging from ‘coffee stains’ to ‘general goop’.

Placement of the effects relative to cavities or exposed parts of the model can be controlled via the ambient occlusion map, and the direction of scratches can be controlled by the object space normal.

Each effect comes with a set of control sliders; and a node-based workflow enables users to create custom effects.

Full 3D preview. The results can be previewed in 3D without leaving Photoshop via dDo’s built-in IBL-based real-time preview renderer, with the option to assign preset reflectance values simulating a range of common materials.

- Quixel nDo2 1.1.7
nDo2 lets you create normal maps straight in Photoshop. This means you get to create normals with all the tools you already know, while keeping your pipeline clean. nDo2 brings multiple normal mapping disciplines together, and presents a rapid workflow skipping the 3D detour. It can substitute modeling pipelines, or act as a fast and powerful complement to basic high-poly baking. Hard-surface and organic normals become easy.

Luckily, nDo2 does more than just normal maps. Powerful AO, displacement, diffuse, specular and cavity generators are at your disposal, tweakable in real-time and with 16-bit precision. Thanks to what can only be witch craft, rich 3D can be derived from super simple cavity doodles. To top it off, nDo2 extends PS with a 3D previewer, allowing you to preview tweaks without ever leaving Photoshop.

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create custom normals from photos and hand-painted bases, with results indistinguishable from careful sculpting. We’ll also go through how to create hard-surface normals with speeds not enabled by traditional 3D workflows. Lastly, we’ll see how nDo2 works as a complement to high-poly modeling, for significantly speeding up detail work. First, let’s get to know the UI basics!

About Quixel

Quixel is a company dedicated to creating tools that accelerate artists’ and companies’ workflow and pipelines. We feel that a lot of time spent today could be used to focus on more important things such as designing, trying out ideas and polishing instead of grinding repetitive tasks for hours upon hours. Our main goal is to make room for as much creativity as humanly possible.

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Name: Quixel
Version: dDo 5.1 & nDo2 1.1.7
Home: http://quixel.se/
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven / 8
System Requirements: Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5 & CS6.
Size: 145.1 mb

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