Starship Bridge 3 (Poser & OBJ)

Starship Bridge 3 (Poser & OBJ)

Starship Bridge 3 (Poser & OBJ) - 6.38 MB
This the bridge of the NST Catalan, where all the action happens.
On the outer "ring" are the crew stations, which are used to monitor all of the ship`s functions, ranging from Tactical to Communications to Weapons to Security.
In the center is the captain`s chair and the Helm and Operations consoles.
The Left and Right Rear Stations are not designated for a specific purpose and can be reconfigured to suit the needs of each mission.

.: Product Features :.
Includes one Poser figure model (obj, cr2, png)
Moving parts:
-As is usual for our Starship Bridges, all walls (and the ceiling) can be hidden for easier camera placement.
-All chairs can rotate around and move (all rotate and trans dials can be adjusted). Or, since they are separate body parts, feel free to hide or show them depending on the needs of your scene.
-Right and left doors rotate open to allow access to the elevator-lift (ERC dials on the BODY open and close the doors).
-The doors at the rear of the bridge do not open and close.
Texture Sets/ MAT poses:
-Black with white details, which matches the signage of the Starship Bridge 1 and Starship Bridge 2.
-"Futuristic" (reds, oranges, and yellow), which matches the signage of the Teleporter Room.
-Templates for all materials are included.
-Includes two textures/ MAT poses for the main viewscreen:
--Green Sun
--View of Earth
Note: Although the bridge model includes an "exterior walls" surface material and can be used for exterior shots, there are no doors that open from the inside: all crew members enter the bridge from the elevator-lifts.
-Hide/ show each wall and the ceiling
-Hiding showing the left wall will also hide/ show the elevator-lift left doors.
-Hiding showing the right wall will also hide/ show the elevator-lift right doors.
Camera files:
-9 camera files are included.
-The camera files also hide any walls which may be blocking the camera.



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