Black Citadel

Black Citadel

Black Citadel - 47,35 Mb
Products: Poser 5 or above


I wanted to model shrine-like architecture of unknown origin and style;
something that can fit in various themes, from Fantasy over Anime and Steampunk
to Modern and Sci-Fi.


While modeling interior of main hall, I decided to add access hallway and large door
with the latch. Then, inspired by "The Mercenary" from V.Segrelles, I added large patio
outside the main hall. With the unplanned patio finished, I had to model exterior too;
since I usually don't make large exterior scene (i hate to use tiled, repeating textures),
that was big quest for me. So, in beginning, exterior was secondary target, only for far
away renders. But, as modeling progressed, exterior turned to be much better than
I expected.


Big building on top of the cliff with detailed interior for close-up renders and good
huge exterior. By mixing up 5-6 seamless textures I managed to 'hide' tiling on the cliff,
as well as connections between building and cliff. Whole model can be dismantled to
save CPU resources and to allow camera positioning. I included 6 simple light sets
(3 for interior, 3 for exterior), just something to get you started (since light sets include
HDRI light probes, IBL will work only on Poser 7 and above).

Texture templates not included.



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