Aether Outfit For V4

Aether Outfit For V4

Aether Outfit For V4 - 75.51 Mb
This super conforming Outfit consists of Briefs, Top, Skirt, and Torc. It comes with 6 high resolution texture maps, at 3000 x 3000 - Darkness, Forest, Gilded, Infinite, Purity and Sky as well as 6 coloured mat pose files in Black, Blue, Brown, Gold, Red and Silver. There are separate texture groups for the Cloth, Edges, laces, Rings and Chains as well as the Gems and Crystals so the textures can be mixed and matched as you like.
This outfit comes with many of V4's Morph ++ morphs as well as Aiko 4's Aiko Body, Realistic, Stylized and Petite morphs, the Elite Morphs Utopian, Sylph and Fantasia and the Girl 4 morphs.



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