CreativeLive - Fine Art Portraits

CreativeLive - Fine Art Portraits

CreativeLive - Fine Art Portraits | Duration: 3 Days | 6.31 GB
Forget flashy studios and expensive props. Join award-winning photographer Brooke Shaden to learn inexpensive ways to create elaborate, gallery-style works of art from scratch.

This 3-day course is dedicated to teaching you how to add that fine art sensibility to your portfolio. Through the use of her creative techniques, Brooke is going to show you how to transform mundane images into dramatic, eye-catching works of art. Intended for motivated beginners and experienced pros alike, this course will walk you through everything you need to know to create jaw-dropping images and have them hanging on gallery walls in no time. after 3 days with Brooke, you will have mastered new, innovative lighting techniques, Photoshop editing, pitching your images to a gallery rep, and much more


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