The DesertRose characters

The DesertRose characters

The Desert Rose...
She danced a fiery flame in the wind, as the torrid sun hung like a gold silk cloak upon her velvety skin. Refined by fire of ancient tales; a vision of Pele, only more fair. Well-haunting, well-told in shades of red she exuded. A Full-blown bloom - well-perfumed her soft dewy petals; lips sealed in form and fragrance still.
- EvanescentMoon

The Desert Rose Collection - Exotic, sensual, and luxurious are just a few words that come to mind when feasting upon the sheer beauty of this collection.
Meet Laksha (white rose) and Azhar (flower, blossom), two beauties bourne out of the desert sands, come to entice you with the dances of wondrous and enchanted tales of days gone by...

The Desert Rose Character Collection includes:
Two complete characters with oodles of beautiful mix-and-match enhancements of make-ups and henna tattoos for both the face and body.



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