The DragonBraid bundle

The DragonBraid bundle

The DragonBraid bundle - 231.33 MB
The DragonBraid unites exotic flair, elegance and versatility in a series of conforming hair figures.
Be it fantasy or casual renders – the DragonBraid can be used in not only one type of setting but in as many as you can imagine.

This product contains a hairbase, conforming coiled bun, easy posed long ornate braid, a long lushly falling ponytail with easpose dials for maximum freedom of movement and an exotic hybrid tail with braided strands and free hair parts. In addition, the set comes with exotic jewelry pieces matching all these items. Get the most out of these hair figures by mixing and matching as you desire!

Last but not least you get ten natural hair colors, five gradient hair colors and two complete texture sets for the jewelry.



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