Oskarsson's Emo

Oskarsson's Emo

Oskarsson's Emo - 46.32 MB
Character and Conforming clothing for A4/V4. Emo is a lovely, slender character with big eyes. I knew something special was needed for such an unique character!

There is a separate Body and Head Injection. The character needs Aiko4 with Victoria4.1 morph++.

What's included:
Body and Head Morph Injection/removal
Character Texture
Five eye colors
Conforming Dress and Shoes with six textures

The dress uses 'swinghandles' for easier posing. They are visible in preview but will not show up in renders.
Sitting down poses are always difficult with this type of clothing so I have included a 'sitting down' morph and two morphs for the leg movements.

In addition to the Emo character the clothing fits: Aiko4, Aiko4 Petite, Aiko4 Realistic, Aiko4 Stylized, Bulk, Definition, Fitness, Thin, Young, Voluptuous, Oskarsson's Golly, Oskarsson's Folly, OS Mercy and Thunderstruck.
A complete morph list is included in the ReadMe.



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