Cheap Hotel Room for Poser

Cheap Hotel Room for Poser

Cheap Hotel Room for Poser - 13,69 Mb
A very decrepit hotel room, composed of room and bathroom and adequate furniture...
Very realistic textures and overall mood, with the addition of optional materials for the room walls and additional textures.
There's even a big spider lurking somewhere...
Modelled with very high detail, yet easy to apply and allowing fast renders.
Doors, closet and bedtable doors, and toilet seat are openable/moveable.
This model fits into the "Decayed Corridor and Rooms (for Poser)" as room 15.
.: Product Features :.
- A complete figure in seven parts, with the ability to make the walls, roof, etc, invisible for easier camera work.
- Props as separate objects with external geometry
- 7 Light sets
- 9 Camera presets
Highly detailed and realistic textures, materials included. The model is UV mapped and textured and scaled to Poser figures.
Also includes two PZ3 files with the entire scene set up ready to render:
- Scene 1 includes the bedroom and walls.
- Scene 2 includes the bedroom, walls, and bathroom.



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