Man O' Man for M4

Man O' Man for M4

Man O' Man for Michael 4 ~ Double Pack
Dai and Thorne have been carefully created to entice and intrigue you no matter who the man of your dreams may be, or what kind of scene you would like to see them in,they are perfect for any kind of Image..
A Gorgeous Toned Character Set for Dai..A Handsome Oriental Male for M4 and also a Softer more Beautiful Young Character for Thorne for M4
2 Fabulousy Handsome additions to any runtime.

- 2 Devilishy Handsome Face Injects and Removes for M4
- 2 Toned Body Injects and Removes for M4
- 2 complete Detailed Base Texture for M4
- 8 Stunning Eyes
- 2 Genital Mats



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