DM Fantasy Realms

DM Fantasy Realms

The realm of fantasy is limited only by the realm of dreams.

DM's Fantasy Realms will dust the cobwebs out of the corners of your creative mind and sweep you into a far away place, where your dreams and your imagination can take off to the sky. And Yanique, the Warrior Princess in this neverending story, will walk the path beside you, lending you her hand and her heart, wherever it is needed to create the perfect world ... the perfect saga ... the perfect fairytale. Whether your desires include fearless tales of slaying dragons or a lover's path strewn.

his package contains:

10 scenes, ready to be used in pz3-format
2 buildings (.obj & pp2)
10 individual props (.obj & pp2)
1 sword, smartproped for Victoria 3,
Aiko 3, Stephanie Petite, Michael 3 and David
20 poses for Victoria 3
20 poses for Aiko 3
10 light settings
10 camera settings
High resolution textures

Bonus - Yanique character for Victoria 3 and Aiko 3



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