F ASHIONWAVE Workaholic for V4 A4 G4

F ASHIONWAVE Workaholic for V4 A4 G4

FASHIONWAVE Workaholic for V4 A4 G4 - 36.27 Mb

Outoftouch proudly presents the brandnew FASHIONWAVE productline, updating your wardrobe with recent fashion bits from the runways,
fashion magazines and street looks from around the world. Stay in fashion with these high quality clothing items for your Poser fashionistas.

FASHIONWAVE: Workaholic - You are sophisticated, the queen of the office!

Workaholic brings you a high quality conforming offic outfit for Victoria 4, Aiko 4 and The Girl 4. This outfit consists of a dress with ruffles,
a short 4-buttoned vest, glasses with a band and a pair of sexy heels! The dress is included in an additional non-conforming version with 3 special sit morphs.

This outfit package comes with high quality 3D meshes carefully UV mapped, lots of Morphs for body-fitting, adjusting and FX and
lots of texture styles for mixing and matching. Have a look at the Promo PopUps below for detailed information about the content
and for a detailed Morphs list. Thank you very much for viewing this product, we hope you like it!



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