WD_Derik - 41,25 Mb
Young, sexy, and very handsome, Derik will steal your heart. Derik comes with options for a mustache and a goatee, and there are 5 eye colors to chose from. Genital mats are included. Priced right, he is a handsome addition to your runtime.

It is not necessary for you to inject the M4++ morphs before loading Derik; however, the M4++ morphs must be installed in the same Runtime as the program you use to load Derik. Load Michael 4 from Figures/DAZ People of the program of your choice, then access Derik in the Pose folder. You may load the entire set of ++ morphs if you want access to some of their features, either before or after loading Derik. To load the genitalia, you must have that morph. Load the Genitals from the same folder you load M4, then access the mat file in Derik's Pose folder.

DAZ mats are not included as Derik should render fine with the Poser mats. However, the buyer may want to add some reflection to the eyes. I do not provide support for DAZ.



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