Fantasy Drops Hair

Fantasy Drops Hair

Fantasy Drops Hair - 171.84 Mb
Fantasy and elegant in spirit but versatile in action! Fantasy Drops hair style can really fit any mood: fantasy, oriental, modern, futuristic. Just set the mood you wish, choose a matching colour and you're set!

Fantasy Drops Hair is a REAL 3D HAIR, not a transmapped one, which allows for far more DYNAMISM and REALISM. The hair can move realistically with your characters.
The frontal bangs and tails are independent to give you complete CONTROL over the MOVEMENTS of the hair which can be harmonious or contrasting depending on HOW YOU NEED IT!
Added dynamism and realism is also added by the micro hair which also feature independent morphs.

Fantasy Drops Hair
Fantasy Drops Plus
Fantasy Drops Hair Revisited
ToXic Drops

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